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  • Sharron Montgomery Pena

New beaded ornaments just in time

We thank you so much for supporting Ray's beading efforts! He is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. We have put something a little different up on a our store. Look at these purples accented by the white falcon diving on a blue background. This piece is a very unusual size in that it is an inch larger around than most of his pieces. This will make it stand out as an outstanding piece to hang in your window or car. The beads are a bit larger but we think the colors are stunning. It is accented by the two blossoms on each side resembling the tudor rose. Most of our Bristol fans will remember that Queen Elizabeth favors the color purple at that faire.

We would also like to offer this moderately priced piece, which is incredibly shiny and light with the gold and green interwoven together. Every piece that Ray lovingly handcrafts is unique and has it's own personality. I would say this one is a bubbly, shiny extrovert!

Please visit our store by clicking on either picture. We have added lots of new products to support our birds and our program in this time of covid.

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