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  • Sharron Montgomery Pena

New beaded ornaments available from Ray

We have decided to do things a little differently. If you are reading this because you received an email, you are automatically inducted into the preview club for all new pieces that will be added to our raptor store. You have already subscribed to our website and you will receive an email whenever anything new goes on sale. Ray's pieces have been very popular and if you have tried to nab one, you know it can be difficult. So as a reward for being one of our subscribers you have a preview day to purchase anything before it goes on facebook.

Why are we doing this? Because it has been one of our goals to maximize our website potential and what better time than during the covid crisis. Many of our fellow entertainers and artists have gone to patreon, a fan support earning platform thate focuses on monthly membership pledges. We encourage people to take advantage of that great networking tool, but we believe we have that same potential through our website. If you have found us here through the facebook page and haven't subscribed to our website, please subscribe in the bar at the top of this page! We need you to make it interactive and fun.

We hope to provide some opportunites for education in new venues online with students and lovers of nature and birds of prey. We also plan to stat in touch with our fans through stories and the sharing so many fortunate memories we have both been lucky to have. And, to keep us going financially we will continue to offer our unique merchandise, and support packages designed to give you the merchandise, plus an added donation which will feed and care for the birds in these uncertain times. If you are passing through and you want to leave a one time donation or tip for the birds please visit our payment site or venmo@flightoftheraptor.

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