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  • Sharron Montgomery Pena

Maryland Renaissance Tribute

We hope you enjoy this short video showcasing some of our proudest and most memorable moments from our time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. At the bottom of the page is the newest beaded ornament for sale, an exclusive one of a kind design that will not be replicated.

There is absolutely no other experience like the Maryland Renaissance. The entire village of Revel Grove is a living, breathing combination of some of the most talented and creative artisans we've seen at any festival, world class entertainment, and an array great tasting affordable food and beverages.It is the people however, that make it such an enjoyable festival at which to perform. There is a certain quality of engagement amongst the patrons or attendees and the entertainment and artisans that genuinely makes us feel like we are part of something that carries the experience back to the days when renaissance festivals were an organic, authentic experience. It is true that each festival has a certain quality that endears it in our hearts, but Maryland, you ask anyone who works at renaissance festivals, and you get that same smile and fond expression which I jokingly call maryland euphoric. Furthermore, the management team that coordinates this monumental effort is one of the hardest working, yet most easily accessible group of individuals that work right alongside the participants and the employees on every level. Their honesty and work ethic is refreshing and motivating and we greatly appreciate the opportunity they have given us to participate for the past 5 years.

Like almost all festivals this year, it was decided that opening during the pandemic would be putting everyone at unnecessary risk. The difficult decision to close the festival must have been agonizing for the management. It isn't all about the money, but there are a lot of people suffering huge financial crises as a result of cancellations. We are hopeful that all of our friends are weathering the storm safely and not in dire straits. So a hearty virtual huzzah to all of our Maryland Renaissance fans and fellow participants. Until we meet again in 2021..

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