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  • Sharron Montgomery Pena

Flight of the Raptor at Home

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We were here at our home here in Northern Florida when the pandemic began to sweep across the United States. We had expected to lose a few weekends of work during the spring season, but never imagined that we would be sitting out the rest of the year here in hot, sunny Florida. Like our fellow renaissance performers, Native American artists, and wildlife educators, we have been challenged by how to reach our fans with content that keeps you engaged, entertained, and most of all educated about the importance of birds of prey to our environment.

We tried Facebook live. Well, it has its charms, and we continue to bring you live feeds from time to time, but it is a bit challenging to do a live show, without those faces and the feedback from our audiences. It is also a different kind of stage fright knowing all those people are watching you and you can't see them, LOL.

So the next thing has been videos and video editing. We have launched our youtube channel and we are proud to have produced our very first educational video in partnership with the Viera Community Institute. Our goal with this type of programming is to create content which can easily translate into curriculum to enhance our presence with our younger audience and create some dialogue with those inquisitive young minds. They are a little longer but hopefully you will enjoy some spectacular images as well as video.

We are also developing educational content on the webpage itself. So If you havent looked around in a while please see what changes we have made and let us know what you think.

We also want to thank all of our fans that have purchased Ray's beaded ornaments in the past 4 months. He is honored by your support and your kind remarks on the beauty of every single piece that has been offered. We are also accepting custom orders, so if you see something you like and it has already sold, never fear, he can recreate it! We have introduced a few new products, and we will have yet a few more coming very soon.

And finally, we would like to introduce our fan support package for Flight of the Raptor. This will evolve and contain different items at different times. This was created from the fundraising model that I've seen on PBS for certain levels of contributions and also from the patreon platform which encourages special perks and swag for membership. Rather that create a monthly payment, we wanted to give our fans a special opportunity to own our packages for a one time fee instead. The price we are charging for this package amounts to a weeks worth of food for the birds, so be assured your money will go exactly where you want it to go. We will also be bringing you more collectibles and new pieces that we know you will love as much as we do. We hope to evolve and bring you new opportunities to be entertained and educated. You can also make a one time donation of any amount at or at Venmo@flightoftheraptor.We thank you for your continued friendship and support.

For donations

venmo @flightoftheraptor

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