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The journey continues

Updated: May 27, 2019

Spring of 2019, we are poised to commence our annual migration north for the beginning of our summer season. Our route will change however and we will be travelling directly to Wisconsin to prepare for the opening of one of our favorites the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

We will miss all of our friends on the east coast this spring, especially the other performers and the thousands of school children who have attended Green Meadows Native Lands. This unique experience allowed children the opportunity to experience a bit of culture from an African Village, a Native American encampment, as well as animals found down on the farm, and of course us, the birds of prey.

Ray has been a part of Green Meadows events for well over 20 years and seen the program grow criss crossing the United States and encompassing cities from New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, to Michigan,California, Texas, Louisiana, and all points in between. The sheer uniqueness of this program is like nothing I've ever seen before and I don't expect to see again. If you've ever seen a circus blow into town set up, perform, then blow out in a matter of days, it was a lot like that.

The efficiency with which the operation functioned was like a well oiled machine. We always camped onsite, many times alone or in the company of the farm animal manager, and after the initial adjustment to the new area, it was always refreshing to get to know a new town. and year after year enjoy the distinct flavor of its individuality. Our fondness for the friendships made during this time cannot ever be understated, and we give thanks for the richness that has been added to our lives by being a part of this amazing organization. Because of Ray's illness we have been unable to join up with them in the last two years and with much sadness learned that the program has been retired permanently this year. Change is inevitable of course, but Green Meadows has left us with some very fond memories.

Here's a great video of Ray doing a program around 10 years ago

Photo by Sharon Stapf

Meanwhile, Ray continues to heal from the effects of the treatment he received for his brain tumor. While we are happy for his continued reports of being cancer free, we struggle to find a treatment for Ray's difficult to manage chronic, neuropathic pain. It is unpredictable because it originates from the damage to the nerves and the nerve relay centers (neuropathic) in his brain. He has tried the conventional treatments, physical therapy, and various pharmaceutical medications prescribed by the VA to no avail. We have sought out alternative treatments at our own expense (not covered by the VA) including oxygen therapy, vitamin infusions, as well as innumerable herbal and over the counter vitamins.

So it always comes back to the same thing, bead therapy. Ray is constantly creating, refining, perfecting. We appreciate the overwhelming support and your purchases since we first offered the beaded ornaments for sale in December of 2018. We have added three new pieces for sale and will continue to add more for the next month until we depart for Bristol. Please visit us here to see and purchase the pieces that are currently for sale and everyone have a fun and safe summer!

Visit our store for Ray's latest creations. Go to

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