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  • Sharron Montgomery Pena

And then there's the fruit from the tree.....Jennifer

Jennifer Pena Trabucco grew up in her father's flying fields in the quaint small town of New Paltz, NY. Early on, Ray learned of Jennifer's mutual love for birds of prey and fostered this enthusiasm by taking her with him every chance he got. His obsession soon became hers.

My favorite story from the "Pena files," is that of how Jennifer learned to drive in a car with a manual transmission. As an added incentive to do well, Ray had a couple of falcons in the back, hooded. Her task was to drive the car, change gears smoothly, for if she did it in a jerky manner, the falcon may fall off the perch or lurch backward breaking a valuable feather. Feathers, feathers, Rays obsession for a well kept falconry bird. And all this uphill. Oh and did I mention Ray was a sergeant in the Marine Corps?

So you get the picture. No pressure, but Jennifer was up to the challenge. She went on to become a falconer, then a master falconer. She can fly the pants off any falcon and she does it with beauty and grace. She married the love of her life and best friend Michael Trabucco in 2013. She shares her time between Flight of the Raptor and her other profession, an esthetician at Essence Medispa in Highland, NY.

Have you met Jennifer? Well if you have you know that her warm smile and generosity of spirit fills the room making her shine inside and out as only she can. I hope you enjoyed this small introduction to a really large personality.

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